Every business needs a brand

A brand is more than just a logo. A brand lives and breathes what your business is and is trying to say.
I work with you to understand your business and create an identity that relates to your audience.

More than just a logo

Your logo is one of the most important parts of your unique brand. It’s the face of your business and is how your customers instantly recognise you. It’s more often than not their first impression of you, and is there at almost every customer interaction. Your brand identity isn’t just an image; it’s a symbol of your businesses mission and values.

Consistency is key

With so many marketing channels available, your brand should be consistent and look great across everything you produce. I have vast experience in working with big brands across multiple print and digital channels.

“In today’s saturated reality, the market for yet another brand, another business, another product or another service is pretty much non-existent. Yet the market for something to believe in is infinite. You need to give people something to believe in.”

James Watt – Brewdog

Branding Process



I will start by researching your market and your competitors to understand what their brands are saying and how we can create a brand that stands out against them.

Design Concepts

Based on my research I will then design a selection of concepts and after a consultation session we will choose the preferred idea.

Design Development

I will develop the chosen concept into 3 or 4 strong designs and together we will choose the right one to take to final design.

Final Design

I will polish the chosen design and create your finished brand. I will supply you with all the relevant file types for use across all your marketing channels.


All my branding projects are quoted individually.

They’re dependant on the size & nature of your business and the amount of research & development time required.

Any questions?

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