Motion graphics / video

Simon creates absorbing motion graphics to bring your brand to life.

Animated graphics

Moving words, imagery and graphics are a great way to show your brand and message in an interesting and eye-catching way.

In the current social media driven society, it’s now easier than ever to view videos and motion graphic clips. Simon can harness this power and really drive your brand into the market place.

Promo video/ film

Whether it’s a short promo vine, a full length advert or a case study/testimonial on your website I can provide you with a visually stimulating video/ film.

Video is an increasing popular medium to showcase your business as it places context around your product or service in a real environment. A well executed film will instantly make people feel associated with your business.

Vines/ memes

A 10-20 second short video, or animation can be more effective in promoting your brand than a feature length advert.

Often used as part of teaser campaigns I captures the essence of your business in a short space of time, allowing your mobile customers to quickly understand what your are trying to say. Particularly effective across social media, this type of marketing can really help to build your brand.

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