The Stone Roses bar logo symbolises the appreciation of the band and uses a symbolic orange slice as the main focus. Also incorporating the splattered paint affect as used by John Squire on many Stone Roses album covers this logo forms the centre piece of the bars brand.

With a monolithic version for printing on staff uniform, and promotional material this logo is universal across all marketing material.


The Stone Roses Bar York website attracts music fans from all over the country to enjoy time in this busy city centre establishment. The site featured the bars trademark splattered paint affect and has offers, menus and events sections regularly updated via an easy to use content management system.


A selection of promotional posters designed to captcha the attention of customers when in the bar to encourage them to take up offers and attend events.

External signage

A large external hanging sign designed to capture peoples attention walking past the end of the street. Using the company brand and splattered paint affect the sign is professional and attractive.


A selection of branded drinks menus highlighting the range of available themed refreshments and cocktails

Club night logos

Logos designed for two weekly weekend club nights. Keeping in with the overall feel of the brand the logos are rememberable and descriptive of the events.